Play Camping Accessories

Childs Tent (46″x 42.5″x 45″) – $175.00 – Hand crafted child’s play tent . Made from olive coloured wool blanket , with stitched arrow pattern on side. Comes with carrying case and instructions for easy set up and storage.

Campfire Pillow (18″ Dia x 11″H) – $57.50 – Hand crafted campfire pillow, great accessory to childs tent.

Rock Pillow (Various sizes) – $39.00 – Hand crafted rock pillow, made from wool, with hand stitched details. Great accessory to childs tent. Available in light or dark grey.

Marshmallow Stick (Various sizes) – $16.00 – Hand crafted felt marshmallow’s on a stick, great accessory to childs campfire pillow and tent.